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Two-Toned Ceramic Candle Set with Natural Clay Bottom, Orange or Yellow Scented Candles

Two-Toned Ceramic Candle Set with Natural Clay Bottom, Orange or Yellow Scented Candles

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This is a set of two scented candles, each housed in a unique ceramic vessel. The ceramic vessels feature a natural clay bottom that is left unglazed, while the top of the vessel is glazed, creating a beautiful two-toned effect. The vessels measure 2.75 inches in height, making them a perfect size for any room in your home.

The set comes with two candles, one set in orange and one set in yellow. The scented candles are made from high-quality wax and offer a long-lasting burn time, filling the room with a delightful fragrance. The orange set is infused with a warm and inviting scent, while the yellow set has a bright and uplifting scent, making both sets perfect for different moods and occasions.

The ceramic vessels can be reused once the candles have been burned down completely, making them a sustainable choice for home decor. The unique two-toned effect of the vessels creates a stylish and modern look that would complement any decor style. Whether used as a centerpiece or as accent decor, these candles would make a perfect addition to any home.

2.75” tall x 2.5” diameter. 10 oz each

These would make a perfect gift or purchase for various events, such as:

  1. Housewarming gift: These candles would be a thoughtful and stylish addition to a new home, making them a perfect housewarming gift.

  2. Birthday gift: A set of scented candles in a unique and beautiful ceramic vessel would be a great birthday gift for a friend or loved one who enjoys home decor and ambiance.

  3. Thank you gift: These candles would make a perfect thank you gift for someone who has gone above and beyond.

  4. Mother's Day or Father's Day gift: These candles would be a great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, allowing the recipient to enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility.

  5. Personal use: Someone could purchase these candles for themselves to add a touch of style and relaxation to their home. The candles could be used during a relaxing bath, while reading a book, or during a cozy night in.

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