Dia @ Island Wildflower

"Island Wildflower isn't your typical shop; it's a part of my story. Inspired by my Haitian and Turks & Caicos Island heritage, it's where sustainability meets good vibes, and affordability blends with artistry.

My family has played a huge role in shaping this journey. From my mom introducing me to the world of resale at a young age; my sister guiding me into the business world; my bonus mom taught me the art of reducing, reusing, and repurposing, sparking a fire for sustainability; to my mother-in-law sparking my love for thrifting, they've all influenced the essence of Island Wildflower.

It's the apex of my heritage, my studies in Studio Art, my passion for sustainability, and the goal of offering you affordable, one-of-a-kind finds. Welcome to a world where good vibes meet sustainability."

Island Wildflower is based in Mesa, Arizona

Airport Mesa Overlook at Sunset by Yefim Bam

Island Wildflower's Values

Volunteer, Donate, Read

At Island Wildflower, we're all about taking positive action and staying in the know.
As a member of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club, we encourage you to get involved in the ways that suit you best - whether it's giving your time, supporting impactful causes, or simply staying updated on the incredible work the Sierra Club does.

      Keep an eye out for more useful links and opportunities as we expand our resources to create a greener, more sustainable world together.