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African Calabash Gourd String Instrument

African Calabash Gourd String Instrument

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Introducing our African Calabash Gourd String Instrument, a unique handmade piece all the way from Africa! Crafted with care and adorned with beautiful cowry shells and animal skin, this instrument is a work of art.

Now, let's talk music. With tension knobs for string adjustments, you've got control over your tunes. However, we'll admit, they can get a bit loose due to wear and tear, affecting the sound quality. But that's the beauty of handcrafted instruments - each one is unique!

Speaking of unique, local artisans used nails and string to secure those stunning shells, animal skin, and other parts, adding character to your musical journey. It's lightweight at just 9oz and stands tall at 19.5". So, while it might have its quirks, our secondhand Calabash Gourd String Instrument is here to add an authentic, artistic touch to your musical adventures. 🎢🌍✨

And when you're not playing a sweet melody, it looks fantastic among your cultural display pieces, sharing its heritage with pride. 🌟🎢

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