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Dia and mother, Elise

During my childhood, my mom was a reseller, and her business was centered around finding great deals on bulk shoes, clothes, and other items. In Haiti, where my mother is from, a reseller is called a Machann Pepe. I was always intrigued by the concept of reselling and how it can provide a source of income for families and individuals while contributing to a more sustainable economy.

As a child, my siblings and I loved having piles of clothes and boxes around the house to play with. We turned them into forts, tunnels, and hiding spots, and it was all good fun. However, as we grew older, our perspective shifted, and we saw the items as junk rather than treasures.

As an adult, my mindset about reselling changed once again. I became more conscious of the impact of our consumption on the environment and started donating my unused and used goods to thrift stores and other organizations. I was happy to know that I could reduce waste and give people access to things they might not have been able to afford or find otherwise.

When I started my own business, Island Wildflower, I knew I wanted to prioritize sustainability. That's why every item we sell that is not handmade by me or my family is second-hand. We also use second-hand items behind the scenes whenever possible as a way to reduce waste.

Reselling is more than just a way to make money; it's a way to create a more sustainable future and give new life to old items. At Island Wildflower, we believe that small businesses have a responsibility to do their part in reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Whether you're a Machann Pepe in Haiti, a thrift store owner in the United States, or a flea market vendor in Japan, reselling is a way to give old items a new life and create a more sustainable future. By buying and selling second-hand goods, we can reduce waste and conserve resources while providing affordable and unique items to our customers. At Island Wildflower, we're not just selling items, we're creating a more sustainable future, one sale at a time. So consider buying second-hand the next time you're looking for something unique - you never know what treasures you might find!

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